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According to the mythology, Paxoi have been made when the God Poseidon hitted with his trident the Corfu, punching out the south end of Corfu figurating the island Paxous so to house his love with his dear Amfitriti. But he lost his trident which was found by the locals and they did it their symbol.

One island with unique beauty, which beside the fact tha the last years have a fame, it continue to keep urgent its character with architecture from enetic influences. The capital city is the wonderful “Gaios” with its characteristics islands, the “Panagia” and the “Agios Nicolas” to stand sleepless guardians of the port, protecting it from the weather. Lakka and Logos complete the biggest facilities, with the graphic taverns so to enjoy in those fresh fishes. The amazing colors of the water in resolves coasts of the west side of the island with the magical beaches will reveal to you the earthly paradise !!!

The unoque blue caves (is about 40) with the largest and more historical the cave of “Ipapadi” where was hiding the “submarine of Papanikoli” we will entry inside with our boat will charm you.

The Stand up Stone (it is an standing up stone inside the sea), the rocky island that seems like a submarine, the Abroach (it is a natural rocky bridge in the sea) but and the face of Poseidon that you will see (a natural sculpture in steep stone) are thing which remains forever in your memory


The island of Antipaxos is well known for its popular beaches. Boutoumi (is considered one of the most beautiful beach in the world) the Vrika and Mesovrika (it is in preference for nudism). You will swim in their unique water with the white sand to give you the impression that you are in a exotic place.

Moggonisi - Kaltsonisi (private island)

We will pass through them (their distance is a few metre) so to have the opportunity to enjoy or if you like to swim in their beautiful water.


During our trip in Gaios you will have the chance to walk in the graphic roads of the island and try local products and maybe you have the chance to meet someone famous that visiting the island

In our return we will cross the Fiord tha the “Panagia” and “Agios Nicolas” make. If we are lucky we will company in our trip the dolphins that live in island. We guarantee that this cruise will leave the best memories of your vacations !!!

The cruise will provide free: water, soft drinks, snacks and fruits