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Daily Cruises in Corfu with Boat

The cosmopolitan Corfu is the most famous island of Ionian and one of the most well known in the Mediterranean. City point of thousand hundreds tourist people with a huge cultural legacy. It has special glamor whin in combination with the marvelous beaches and the interesting sights is a magnetic destination that will surprise you.

The homonym capital city of the island is a town museum where for the time you arrive in that will transfer you in a fairy tale world and you will hear the steps of the kings that lived there, gentry and knights who walked sometime there, beyond in these well keeping classic mansion with venetian and English influences. It is not circumstantial that the excellently stores historical center has preached monument of worldwide cultural heritage of UNESCO. In this mansion island of Ionian which is connected with mythic pictures, big palates, forts, museums, churches, romantic places, arcades, you will feel like been a star of a movie.

In Corfu is established the first Greek Univercity, the first Philharmonic and the first school of good arts in Greece. The trademark of the Corfu is an other island names “Pontikonisi” which hosts a Byzantine tample of 13th century. Next to it is located the famous island of “Blaxernas” with the church “Panagia” of 17th century and connected with the ground through a narrow strip earth.

The cuisine of Corfu is known of its pastitsada, the sofrito, the bourdeto, the madoles and the local woad. Try and the famous in two ways komcuat like a jam and like a liker drink.